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For private higher education institutions, there are annual institutional competitions organized by each one. The application is made directly to the higher education institution. 

For public higher education institutions, there is a national call organized by the Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES - Direção Geral do Ensino Superior), which takes place at the end of the academic year (July). In the national call there are special quotas, namely for applicants that are Portuguese emigrants or relatives residing with them and applicants with disability


  • Hold a secondary education leaving certificate, or legally equivalent qualification; (for recognition see
  • Undertake that year, or in the last two years, the Portuguese national final exams of secondary education corresponding entrance exams required to apply to the specific courses the student wishes to attend;
  • Comply with the prerequisites (evidence of physical, functional or vocational skills) if required by the institution for the course the student wishes to attend;
  • Not being covered by the international student statute (see here).


You may find additional information in:

- Portuguese Directorate General for Higher Education

- Access App

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