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How Science and Technology is organised

The principle of open collaboration characterizes the Portuguese System of Science and Technology,
maximizing the use of infrastructures and human resources, and minimizing the duplication and fragmentation of knowledge.

The Ministry for Science, Technology and Higher Education (MCTES) has responsibility for higher education, public research and science-based innovation activities, as well as the dissemination of scientific and technological culture and international cooperation in these fields. Primary responsibility for business innovation policy lies with the Ministry of the Economy.

Higher Education, Research, Innovation, Communication, Cooperation

Higher Education

The higher education sector includes public and private institutions, at university and polytechnic levels, spread throughout the country. Public universities are organised under the Council of Rectors of the Portuguese Universities (CRUP) and the public polytechnics are organised under the Coordinating Council of the Higher Polytechnic Institutes (CCISP), while private higher education institutions are represented by the Association of Private Higher Education (APESP). Students are organised and represented within the bodies of the higher education system.

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