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A special call has now been launched that is aimed at students holding a diploma from vocational courses to access the higher education system.
This special call has a voluntary nature and is open to all higher education institutions.
The applications to access public higher education institutions are made nation-wide and must be submitted on a specific platform available at the Direção-Geral de Ensino Superior website. If you want to apply to a private higher education institution, the application must be submitted directly to the relevant institution.
Evaluation and rating of the applicants will meet the following cumulative criteria:
• classification obtained at the end of the course;
• classification obtained on the final exams; and
• classification obtained on assessments and key competences, according to the requirements of the higher education institution concerned.
These assessments can be carried out locally, regionally or nationally.
For applicants holding a foreign vocational diploma, higher education institutions can provide the assessment through digital platforms or conference calls.
All students, including vocational diploma holders, can also apply to the Portuguese National Call, to access all courses.

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